Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Month at Stolley House Great Success

About three weeks ago I started serving dinners at historic Stolley House in Stolley State Park, Grand Island, NE. The house was built by the Stolley family in 1859 and has a pretty fascinating history, aside from just being a beautiful structure. The board who oversees the house wanted to make the public aware of it's history. So, I contacted Barb Ernst, curator, and presented some dinner ideas to her. A month later we were actually serving dinner in the house. It's been so much fun thus far and the demand for more events is much higher than I anticipated. This has really been a great experience for me and has prompted me to sort of spread my wings a bit.

If you're wondering about the experience itself, we seat a minimum of four people at each table, so if you're a group of two, we will seat you with another group of two. So far, people are really enjoying getting to know one another. The atmosphere of the house is elegant, simple and quaint. We generally seat people in the parlor and dining room, but we are also able to seat folks outside on the patio (if they wish) and atop the house on a private balcony (if they wish). Before or after dinner I always suggest a walk through the gardens across from the house. They're absolutely breathtaking. To make reservations or if you have questions visit my website: It's a very unique experience.

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